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rt100 robotic operator



Clamp Carriers | Robotic Operator

RT100 | Robotic Operator

  • Allows you to boost the productivity of your panel assembly operation while keeping your labor cost under control and an optimized cycle time
  • Includes the most advanced design features for precision assembly, flawless task execution and utmost dependabilit
  • Features a movable carriage with a pneumatic panel flattener to flatten panels
  • Also includes a rotary tool for tightening and untightening
  • Quick and accurate movement of the carriage is made possible by a powered rack and pinion linear rail
  • Equipped with two safety cushions with an emergency device that stops in case of contact with the employee
  • Available as a modular upgrade on your existing clamp carrier or as part of a new Doucet SRX Clamp Carrier
  • Fastest robotic tightens 6 clamps along an 8 foot raceway, rotates to the next operator on the market section and loosens the 6 clamps on the next section in less than 35 seconds

  • Hydraulic power unit, 10 HP
  • Feet per minute on roving carriage, 160 ft
  • Speed of tightening/loosening pistol, 500 rpm
  • Simplified hydraulics, 2 primary lines with a 6-way hydraulic valve
  • Workstation clamps position, 17°/ clamps up to 40" & 31°/clamps up to 42" and longer

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