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MANYX | Doucet | Material Handling

  • Description

    The MANYX stacker/destacker allows you to feed lumber without operators in many types of woodworking equipment like moulders, planers, CNC routers or optimizing lines for example.

    • The MANYX can feed and separate layers of incoming lumber bundles, with or without sticks, random widths and lengths or even some profiled boards depending on the final configuration.

    • The MANYX stacker can also be designed to stack material coming out from a finishing line or in palletizing operations in nested flooring applications.

    • The MANYX system features an overhead structure on which a carriage head is moving on the horizontal axis. Vertical axis movement of the carriage head is guided by linear bearing rails along the center post. The lifting device can be equipped with self-centering clamps or vacuum pick-up heads or cups, as needed. Since the carriage head is not height limited, it means the bundle height can be higher than the nominal working height.

    • Finally, the MANYX system can be provided as a part of a full line project or as a single piece of equipment. Every MANYX is sized to the required production level of the application in board or layers per minute. A maximum rate of six full layers per minute is possible.

  • Specs

    OPTIONS: •The overhead structure can be customized to your floor space and application to pick from or release to different bundles of lumbers between consecutive cycles

    •Also available for length capacity as long as 30′

    •Automatic kiln stick removal sweeper between layers in destacking operations. The kiln sticks are normally directed toward a kiln stick stacker

    •Integration of labeling machine or ink jet barcode printing devices during the horizontal movement of MANYX
  • Download

Videos of Stacker/Destacker

Doucet Manyx Destacker – with Stick Removal rake

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