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EZYPAC 100 | Doucet | Flooring Nesters

  • Description

    EZYPAC 100 Ergonomic Nesting System: speeding-up packaging by minimizing unproductive motions.


    •Upon exiting the End-Matcher, flooring is kept good face up in exit sequence

    •”Select Grade” flooring is allowed to pass through without intervention

    •Lower volume grades and “re-work” are retrieved by the grader(s)

    •Nesters retrieve flooring from a reserve belt for assembling their bundle on two pneumatically retractable trays

    •A belt transfer device evacuates completed bundles

    •A collision avoidance system regulates bundle traffic all the way to the strapping machines


    •A grading conveyor for visual inspection of flooring exiting the End-Matcher

    •Three conveyor belts, one for each flooring grade

    •Four ergonomic nesting stations EZYPAC 100 with their reserve belts

    • A transit line and a staging conveyor for nested bundles

    • A PLC to regulate flooring volume distribution and nested bundle transit

  • Specs

    OPTIONS: •Additional EZYPAC 100 modules with conveyor belts and reserves

    •In high speed system, a board sequencer is added for “Select Grade” flooring automatic pass through

    •System controlled strapping machine(s)

    •Automatic stacker for “select flooring”

    •Production tracking and inventory input system

    •Automated system to split grades and volume if the flooring line includes a scanner
  • Download

Videos of Ergonomic Nesting System

EZYPAC 100 Ergonomic Nesting System by Doucet Machineries Inc.

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