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  • Description

    The CFP Fishtail Polisher must process swell to have smooth transition between staves and make a uniform surface finish. The CFP Cover Fishtail Polisher is equipped with a 90 degrees rotatable conveyor frame to place the swell under the end-sanding belt. When the sanding cycle is complete on the first end of the swell, the operator acknowledge the finish. Then, the conveyor rotates 180 degrees to sand the other end of the swell. When operator acknowledges the sanding on the second end, the roller conveyor waits for unloading and loading the next swell by the operator.

    Operator supervises the movement of pad and can stop the sequence at any time for a manual repositioning of the sanding pad. In manual mode, operator controls manually the movement of the sanding pad and the rotation movement of the belt by means of a joystick. Operator completes sanding operation to both end of the swell and then requests for the next piece.

    A light fixture and a camera linked to a 24″ monitor to show sanding surface to the operator for validation, position of camera to be determined on order.

  • Specs

    •Roller Conveyor, 30″ wide by 5′ long

    •Rollers are made of PVC, 2″ diameter, belt driven individually every 3″ center

    •Rollers are powered by electric motor at variable speed estimated between 50 and 120 fpm

    •Pneumatic self-centering hold down to maintain swell during rotation and sanding operation

    •Pneumatic lifting device to push swell against top adjustable reference guide

    •Linear rail guiding system to engage swell under the sanding belt with a guiding nose to repeat positon at every cycle

    •Rotation movement of the conveyor frame powered by electric motor with variable speed

    •Sanding belt is moving on a rotating axis following the swell fishtail radius, rotation is powered by linear actuator at variable speed

    •Profiled sanding pad carriage powered along the belt axis by a pneumatic cylinder with a wide pad. Estimated stroke length of 6″

    •Abrasive belt is powered by an electric motor at fixed speed and a brake, pulleys are 10” diameter by 6.25” face

    •Two belts are provided with the polisher unit for testing, length of belt to be provided

    •Pneumatic belt tensioner with linear guides, adjustable pressure by air regulator.

    •Two dust outlet collectors, 6″ diameter, located on the head pulley end of the belt.

    •Laser cut adjusting swell template and fixtures plate to ease adjustment on belt rotation movement

    •Approximately 20′ of safety fencing and/or handrail to prevent access to a safety perimeter with an access door featuring an safety switch

    •Includes central power and control panel with Omron PLC, starters, VFDs, and other internal components Software not included

    •Includes an operator interface console on pedestal with push buttons and LCD display, approximately 7″ dimension

    Remote operating console to control the sanding pad. The following controls are made from this console:


    •Pad moving left

    •Pad moving up

    •Pad moving down

    •Pad moving right

    •Pad pressure selector (on/off)

    •Emergency shutoff

    •External hookup for distance trouble shooting and programming changes via Ethernet card

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