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CAT | Doucet | Casket Machines

  • Description

    The Cat clamping table is for assembling Crown to fishtail.                                                                                                                                                                                          After cutting for fishtail, Doucet offers the CAT clamping table for assembling the fishtail and crown together.

    The assembly table is using reference points to hold the parts during the gluing and nailing operation. The casket cover is assembled upside down.

    References used to place the long part are pneumatic centering clamps, one at each end of the long side and two supports in UHMW to place in height the long part. In order to accommodate the variety of widths and heights, different adapter kits are provided to fit on the pneumatic centering clamps.

    References used to place the fishtail part are a support at the fishtail tip and two moveable supports to the side of the fishtail. As the fishtail part is pushed in the long part during the clamping cycle, the tip is guided in the miter cut. As the fishtail is forced in by the clamps, it is also maintained in height at the tip and the sides to hold properly during the nailing operation.

    Both ends of the clamp have a pneumatic movement. However, one end is moveable for setup purposes only. After the setup is done, one of the ends becomes fixed for the assembly process cycle. During the pressing cycle, one fishtail part pushes against the long side part. This long part is pushing against the other fishtail end.

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