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ATF-180 | Doucet | Material Handling

  • Description

    The ATF-180 Arm Inverter serves as transfer/inverter module in a sanding, finishing line or in an integrated production line. It is suitable for panels up to 60″ by 144″. The Arm Inverter is designed for flipping single panels or batches of panels upside down, with an optional pause at 80° position for quality inspection. Panels are received in horizontal plane. A first set of arms raises them to the 80° position, while a second set of arms meets the other surface of the panel in a scissors like fashion. After passing the 90° point together with the panel, the first set of arms retracts to its receiving position. The second set of arms places the panel on the opposite side of the inverter.

Videos of Arm Inverter

ATF-180 Arm Panel Inverter

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