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Robot Maestro | SCM Robot Maestro

Inspired by the craftsman's arm movements and transformed into a six-axes anthropomorphic robot with the possibility of extension to eleven. A new quality and efficient finishing method for painting windows frames and doors.

  • FLEXIBILITY: It’s particularly indicated for big panels, especially for windows frames, but can be also applied to stacks and cabinet door finishing.
  • ACCURACY: The robot is equipped with a gun holder tool (7th axis) and supplied with a brushless motor that allows it to spray all parts of the product. Ability to manage the spray angle from 0 ° to 90 ° through software.
  • CLEANING: Exhaust recovery system and brush nozzles cleaning can be set by the software.
  • CONTROL: Direct connection through a remote desktop program displays the operator interface present in the machine and assists in normal work operations such as recipe creation, start-up, and alarm reset.

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