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ME 20 | SCM | Edgebanders

  • Description

    Technological solution, for professional craftsmen and joineries, to edge band with an amazing easiness. Simple and intuitive:

    Error-free machining is ensured by the control panel positioned on the front of the machine, that allows an easy selection of all the main functions, among them, the operating units switching on and off. The PLC guides the operator during maintenance, cleaning, diagnostic operations, etc.

    Ideal edge application:

    The glue is heated rapidly and evenly by the resistances. The automatic lowering of the glue temperature after a temporary halt in production when using the machine avoids burning of the glue. A new innovative system of self-lubrication of the glue pot, allows a more extensive use of the edge banding machine without the necessity of lubrication. Two rollers press the edge banding evenly and efficiently on to the panel edge. The glue spreading roller with electrical resistance inside provides a uniform glue spread and always at the maximum working temperature even on panels at the maximum working height.

    Always precise when cutting:

    The efficient cutter ensures cutting always accurate. The reference is taken directly on the panel itself; consequently it doesn’t require any adjustment.

    Quality finishing and versatility:

    The unit functions with slide copying pads to align perfectly to the work piece. These cutters are designed for straight or radius trimming of any type of edge, whether it is thick or thin, made of PVC, ABS, melamine, laminate or wood. The edge thickness is easily set by means of two numerical readouts.

  • Specs

    Work table dimensions mm|1950 x 180

    Min. ÷ max. thickness of rolled edges mm|0,4 ÷ 2

    Max. thickness of edges in strips mm|5

    Min. ÷ max. panel height mm|12 ÷ 50

    Min. panel length/width mm|180/65

    Feed speed m/min|6
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