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DMC SD90 | SCM | Wide Belt Sanders

  • Power:
    480V 3PH
  • Description

    *Maximum performance for companies increasing production *Designed for the medium to high industrial companies that require diversified machining,

    *Satisfies all calibrating and sanding requirements by offering a wide range of technological solutions thus allowing the possibility of customising the machines compositions

    *Offering many types of operating units such as planing units, roller units (with 175, 220, 250 and 320 mm diameters), pad units and superfinishing units guarantees the very best results on solid wood, veneer, laquer and paint operations

    *Uniform finish with the chevron belt which improves the cooling of the abrasive action on the work piece

    *Wide contact surface and the copying capacity of the “mesar” electronic pad

    *Particularly suitable for the superfinishing of solid wood components, MDF panels that have been laminated, veneered or painted (opaque and polished)

    *Reduced overall dimensions and noise emissions with the device positioned under the work table

    *“Mesar” sectional pad provides the best finish with any material

    *Higher quality results due to the special shape of the sectors that allows the operator to intervene “softly” but also in an “aggressive” way simply by varying the working pressure

    *Setting of the pad position and the possibility of using foils of different thickness increases its versality

    *LCD display and touch-screen function allows the complete and safe control of the machine, easily and intuitively

    *Ability to store up to 120 work programs to retrieve the machine settings most commonly used making it perfect even for unskilled operators

  • Specs

    Working width mm |1.350

    Min/Max thickness to be machined (with mobile table) mm|4 – 170

    Min/Max thickness to be machined (with fixed table)mm|4 – 200

    Sanding belt width/length mm|1.370/2.620

    Standard main motor power kW (Hp) |11 (15)

    Standard motor power – 1st group kW (Hp)|11 (15)

    Standard motor power – 2nd group kW (Hp)|11 (15)

    Feed belt motor power kW (Hp)|0,6/1,3 (0,8/1,7)

    Feed belt speed m/min|4,5/9

    Overall dimensions

    Height of fixed table mm|2260-2460

    Height of mobile table mm|2264

    Width mm|1899

    Length mm|2580
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