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GABBIANI P | SCM | Panel Saws

  • Description

    An ideal solution for small-sized companies. Single-blade beam saw controlled by PC/PLC control system, designed to cut solid

    wood panels or panel stacks and its products (chipboards, MDF panels, multilayer

    panels, plywood panels and fiber panels). The solution to integrate the beam saw

    inside a flexstore el storage.

    Selectable air blowing table: an essential tool.

    The possibility to enable/disable the air blowing device on each table section via independent motors, ensuring optimal sliding of the panels only where it is needed and avoids accidental falling of cut panels temporarily stored on the tables.

    Saw carriage with independent raise of the blades.

    Essential tool for machining post-formed panels in order to optimise cycle-time machine and enhance cut finish.

    FLEXCUT unit: incomparable flexibility and productivity.

    Increasing of productivity up to 30% and space saving up to 20% owing to the simultaneous execution of both rip and cross cuts.

    Floating clamps: the guarantee of the end result.

    The special shape of the clamps allows safe grip of panels at the maximum speed and perfect parallelism even when panels are not perfectly planar.

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