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series 260 profile sander


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Sanders | Profile Sander

Series 260 | Profile Sander

  • The spindle’s rotation can be changed to allow sanding to be performed on top or bottom of the brushes.
  • The bases can be moved side to side to provide clearance for the operator.
  • The inverter keypad provides Start/Stop, Speed, and rotation direction control.
  • Different sanding strips can be used on long spindles to vary sanding by changing brush lengths, grits, and abrasive types.
  • Double sided strips can also be used to do whitewood sanding in one direction, and sealer sanding by reversing the rotation.
  • Spindle height is easily adjusted.

  • Motor, 1.5 hp 3ph
  • Voltage, Model 261: 120 or 208-240V 1ph 50-60hz, Model 262: 208-240V 1 or 3ph 50-60hz Model 264: 400-480V 3ph 50-60hz
  • Variable speed, AC inverter, 100-800rpm
  • Spindle, 40mm dia. x 175mm long
  • Spindle extensions, 50mm od, 600mm maximum length
  • Spindle height, 34 to 49 inches
  • Footprint, 60 by 27.5 inches

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series 260 profile sanderseries 260 profile sanderseries 260 profile sander