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60 profile sanders


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Sanders | Profile Sanders

Series 360 | Profile Sanders

  • Able to tilt forward or backward to optimize profile sanding.
  • Wheel tilts to minimize the depth the profile goes into the wheel and to keep the abrasive as flat as possible on the wheel.
  • Has a simple, stationary, rigid, but removable fence, and features both vertical and horizontal spindle adjustment from the front of the machine.
  • Horizontal spindle adjustment allows the operator to quickly make fine adjustments of sanding pressure without moving the fence.
  • Tilt changes are easily made utilizing a crank and easy to read scale.
  • They use an AC inverter for variable speed on the direct drive motor. The inverter provides precise speed control with it’s display showing spindle RPM.
  • The only difference between models is input voltage.

  • Motor, 1.5 hp direct drive
  • Voltage, 361: 115 or 208-240/1/50-60, 362: 208-240/1 or 3/50-60, 364: 460/3/50-60
  • Variable speed, AC inverter 400-1800 rpm
  • Arbor, 1”Dia. x 4”H
  • Vertical adjustment, Yes
  • Horizontaladjustment, Yes
  • Wheel tilt, 60°forward; 40°back
  • Fence, standard
  • Table height, 36 inches
  • Table size, 36” by 33”
  • Floor space, 33” by 33”
  • Weight, 375 lbs.

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60 profile sanders