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S SERIES | Costa | Wide Belt Sanders

  • Description

    S-Serie – mainly for SANDING operations (& final cleaning) The sanding machine brings the work piece surface to a defined GRADE and TYPE of FINISH.

    The S Series machine family represents the largest range available in the sanding machine industry today. Its market-matched capacities, extended life, and economic efficiency make this series a profitabile investment for both the large and small operation. The S Series sander’s modularity allows tailoring of the frame, abrasive sizes, and power to any production level as well as to aggregate traditionally different processes into one single machine body.


    With its different frame types and lengths this product line accommodates from one to ten working units.

  • Specs

    Available Working Widths:

    mm 350 | 650 | 1100 | 1350 | 1650 | 2200 | 2500 | 2900 | 3200

    Available Working Units:

    •Cross belt

    •Contact Cylinders

    •Electronic pads (sectioned or singular)

    •Superfinish system on pad units

    •Brushing units for performing a variety of applications

    •Denibbing brushes and cleaning systems for static electricity and dust removal.


    One through ten head, with Bottom, Top, and Combined Bottom+Top frames.
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