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3760 | Safety Speed | Wide Belt Sanders

  • Description

    Safety Speed’s American Made 3760 Wide Belt Sander will improve your finishing time, decrease your hand sanding and increase your productivity. Available with either a 10 horsepower, single phase or a 15 horsepower, three phase motor these American made wide belt sanders are workhorses that will likely outlive you. The 37X60 Wide Belt Sander is built to last, including the following as standard equipment on this machine.

    Standard Equipment:

    *Photo electric belt tracking.

    *2 1/2″ removable platen.

    *2 height adjustment indicators.

    *5 emergency stops.

    *2 rubber-covered pinch rollers 1 1/2″ OD.

    *Rubber-covered contact roller 4 1/4″ OD with 13/8″ drive bearing.

    *2 machined idler rollers 2 3/16″ OD with 3/4″ bearings.

    *Conveyor table set on four 3/4″ acme-threaded jackscrews

    *Pneumatic belt tensioning.

    *6″ internal dust chute.

    *3/4 Hp conveyor motor

  • Specs

    Weight|1362 lbs

    Dimensions|60 × 60 × 71 in

    Max. Working Length|Unlimited

    Min. Working Length|12″/305mm

    Main Motor Options |10 Hp, Single Phase (1~), 220 Volt, 15 Hp, 3 Phase (3~) 208 Volt / 230 Volt

    Max. Working Width|36″/915mm

    Max. Working Thickness|7 1/4″/184mm

    Min. Working Thickness|1/8″/3mm

    Vacuum Requirement|1000 CFM

    Conveyor Speed|0-18 FPM

    Durometer of Contact Roller|60

    Sanding Belt Size|37″ x 60″

    Sanding Belt Width|37″

    Sanding Belt Length|60″
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