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PROSTAND | Accurate Technology | Digital Measuring & Control

  • Description

    ProStand HD™ is the industry’s first two-axis cutterhead measuring and set-up stand using non-contact video and digital measurement technology. It measures Radial, Axial and alignment of moulder cutterhead knife geometry. ProStand incorporates an (optional) sliding platform to accommodate cutterheads up to 14 inches (350 mm) diameter and weighing up to 400lbs (180 kg). This sliding platform allows users to safely load large, heavy cutterheads onto ProStand using hoists or overhead cranes without damage to the ProStand, or harm to the operator.

    Older technology comparators provide a small black shadow image of the knife edge. ProStand uses a color video camera, and large LCD monitor to provide a clear image of the knife edge magnified 20+ times. With color, inspection of the grind quality, possible cracks, defects, and bluing is easily accomplished.

    The built-in Digital Readout displays point locations, plus calculates arc radius, arc length and arc center points. Measurement Information can be printed to an optional label printer.

  • Specs

    ProStand HD Features: •Reduces Waste caused by trial and error setups…More production = more profit.

    20X Tool Magnification allows inspection of knife edge grind quality, plus flaws such as cracks and chips.

    •A color image displays the knife edge better than shadow systems AND reveals bluing caused by excess heat build-up during grinding.

    •Non-Contact Measurements = No mechanical measurement ambiguity and excellent repeatability from one user to the next.

    Easy Readout Operation: Front panel settings for Calibration, printing, units selection and more.

    •Choice of Measurement Mode: Millimeters or Decimal inches.

    •Radius measurements are possible by selecting three points along an arc. The readout calculates the arc radius, arc length, and centerpoint coordinates.

    •RS232 output is built-in. Can be used with data collectors, machine interfaces, or select printer models.
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