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  • Description

    The A11 Table Shaper Sander shapes all components of cabinet doors, parts of drawers, and other wooden components and simultaneously sands the desired profiles, sizes the substrate to the desired finished dimensions, squares the substrate as all four sides are being processed, and processes straight edges as well as contoured shapes using a template system. The A11 Table Shaper Sander is equipped with a convenient control panel located next to the operator handle to allow easy access to the hold-down clamp, tool change, edge guide, shaper, and sander functions. When the operator pushes on the sliding table, the rail assembly guides the table in the desired back or forth direction and prevents the table from moving in any other direction than the desired so that shaping and sanding are done accurately. The operator can engage or disengage shaper or sander tooling to allow one or multiple passes to achieve the desired finish from sanding.

    The edge guide setting is conveniently located for quick changeovers of different depth profiles or contour cuts (templates). A precision sizing fence, along with the squaring fence, sizes the substrate to the desired finished dimension and squares the substrate while all four contoured or straight edges are processed.

    A tool holder cabinet is located directly below the sliding table assembly and the operator’s station to give the operator easy access to shaper and sander tooling and templates for quick changeover from one profile to another. The tool access door opens for a quick changeover of tooling profiles from the operator side of the machine.

    The A11 Table Shaper Sander uses a template system to shape and sand straight and contoured edges. The template holder is user-friendly and can be loaded and/or unloaded in seconds. The operators can design and make the contour templates of their choice to produce custom components.

    Can process all components of a five-piece cabinet door

    Shapes and sands the edges of wooden components

    Fastest manually-operated cabinet door machine

    Quick tooling change

    Using a template system to processes straight and curved edges

    Squares the substrate as all four sides are being processed

    Sizing arm sizes the substrate to the desired finished dimension

    Accommodates a minimum substrate size of 1.50″ x 3″

    Accommodates a maximum substrate size of 60″ x 60″

    Accommodates a substrate thickness of.25” up to 1.50″

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