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SL-30 | Diehl | Ripsaws

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    Over 85 years of rip saw manufacturing experience has been put to use developing the SL series of straight line rip saws.  The SL-30 features a 10 HP or an optional 15 Hp arbor motor. Diehl’s proven chain/race, spindle/arbor and pressure roll system make up the foundation for this saw that produces the industry’s most accurate glue line cut, guaranteed. The Diehl SL-30 is the rip saw that you can depend on for continuous quality performance. The front provides access into the electrically interlocked saw pit area, the dual anti-kickback finger system and the pivoting pressure beam side guard.

    On the back is the arbor drive housing cover once removed shows the automatic arbor brake.

  • Specs

    Arbor Motor: 15 HP (11.2 Kw), 20 HP (15 Kw) optional Feed Motor: 2 HP (1.5 Kw) Feed Speed: 60FPM (18.3mpm) Minimum Thickness: 3/8” (10mm) Maximum Thickness w/14” (355 mm)blade: 1.5” (38 mm) Maximum Thickness w/16” (406 mm) blade: 2.55” (64 mm) Minimum Length: 12” (305 mm) Saw Blade Arbor Bore: 2” (50.8 mm) Throat Capacity: 19” (482 mm) Arbor RPM Belt Driven: 3450 Accurate Glue Line Cut (either straight or hollow): up to 5’ (1.5 m) Voltages Available: 208/240/480/575, 3 phase, 60 cycle 380, 3 phase, 50 cycle w/110 control circuit Spindle Brake: Automatic Vacuum: 1 – 6” (152 mm) and 1 – 3” (76 mm) opening 1250 CFM (35 cmm) required Upper Anti-Kickback Fingers w/Cam Controlled Height Lower Anti-Kickback Fingers in Table Dimensions: 65” (1651 mm) L x 53” (1346 mm) W x 56” (1423 mm) H Weight: net 2,750 lbs. (1250 kg), crated 2,960 lbs. (1345 kg), crated for export shipment 3,275 lbs. (1485 kg) Worktable Height: nominal 34” (864 mm)
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