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HOPPERS | Iron Bull | Material Handling

  • Description

    •Made from thick steel for greater resistance to “dings and dents” and punctures from heavy material or careless fork truck operation

    •Wrap around lip on back corners, welded reinforcing angle around to edge, side of hopper extending down past the bottom and welded solid and welded gussets on inside front corners

    •Steel thickness of the hopper and the hopper base design determine the duty rating and rate capacity rating

    •Drop-Bottom™ hopper leaves no “dead” space and small footprint that’s perfect for tight spaces

    •“Stretch” hopper provides disposal of dimensional lumber scrap of almost any length without scrap bridging up due to pieces settling at odd angles and fills the hopper to capacity reducing the number of trips to the roll-off container or dumping area

    •Drop-Bottom™ saw dust hopper’s gentle emptying action results in less dust “coughing” in the air while being dumped & can be dumped from the forktruck seat

    •Choose from 5 different series of hoppers with over 30 different sizes

  • Specs

    Mini Bull Series (H 26”x L 38”) / Economy Series (H 23.75”x L 38”) •Ultra low profile and is short, designed for narrow or tight areas •Available in 1/8 yd. increments •Capacity: 1/8 (17”W), 1/4 (30”W), 3/8 (42”W) •“Stretch” Series Capacity: 1/2 (57”W), 5/8 (70”W), 3/4, (84”W), 7/8 (98”W), 1yd. (111”W) Baby Bull Series (H 29”x L 50”) / Economy Series (H 27”x L 48”) •Low profile hopper, ideal for placing beside your table saw, or with the Bat-Wing™ base, underneath your chop saw bench. •Capacity: 1/3 (25”W), 1/2 (37”W), 3/4 (55”W) •“Stretch” Series Capacity: 1 (73”W), 1 1/4 (90”W), 1 1/2yd. (102”W) Junior Bull Series (H 36”x L 66”) / Economy Series (H 34”x L 66”) •Medium height hopper •Capacity: 3/4 (33”W), 1 (43”W), 1 1/4 (53”W), 1 1/2 (63”W) •“Stretch” Series Capacity: 1 3/4 (73”W), 2yd. (83”W) Big Bull Series (H 43”x L 72”) / Economy Series (H 41.5”x L 72”) •The most popular, be sure your forklift has the correct capacity to handle these when full •Capacity: 1 1/2 (46”W), 2 (58”W), 2 1/2 (72”W), 3 (86”W) •“Stretch” Series Capacity: 3 1/2 (100”W), 4 yd. (114”W) Brahma Bull Series (H 63”x L 90”) / Economy Series (H 57”x L 90”) •Hold lots of material so be sure your forklift has the correct capacity to handle these when full •Capacity: 4 (62”W), 5 (76”W), 6 (90”W), 7 (104”W), 8 yd. (118”W)

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