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#415 | Cameron | Ripsaws

  • Power:
    230/460V 3PH
  • Description

    The Quick Rip System offers the highest yield in the market due to its fenceless design, powerful “Opti-Rip” optimizing software, and multiple moving blade technology in a few different model saws. Non straight boards are handled just as effectively as straight boards and the net result is lower raw material costs. Unlike other systems, the Quick Rip is fenceless and has Auto Skewing for achieving highest possible yield. Our sensors read the width, the length, and the shape of the boards. If a board has crook or taper, our software can determine if the board should be skewed for higher yield. If so, it happens automatically. This adds up to an additional 3% yield over systems with a fence. Quick Rips can be paired with Moving Blade Saws that come with (2), (3) or (4) Moving Blades Depending on your Cut Bill and Lumber. The Cameron Opti-Rip software is written in-house allowing changes, improvements and free upgrades to happen on a regular basis.

    Cameron Saw Models:

    #413A – 12″ Wide (2) Moving Blade, Multiple Fixed Blade Saw

    #413B – 18″ Wide (3) Moving Blade, Multiple Fixed Blade HD Rip Saw

    #413C – 24″ Wide (4) Moving Blade, Multiple Fixed Blade HD Rip Saw

  • Specs

    Cameron Quick Rip Infeed

    Lumber Capacities

    •Standard Machine: 5 Ft. Minimum / 16 Ft. Maximum

    •Short Stock Machine: 42″ Minimum / 16 Ft. Maximum

    •Thickness Tolerances

    12″ Saw Blades: 2.5″

    14″ Saw Blades: 4″

    •Maximum Width (Incoming Material)|20″ Wide

    Cameron #413B- Rip Saw (Most Common Package)

    •(3) Servo Controlled Movable Blades

    •Multiple Fixed Blades

    •Pocket Sizes between Saw Blades

    •Between (2) Fixed Blades: 1″

    •Between Fixed Blade and 1st Movable Blade: 1″

    •Between (2) Movable Blades: 1.875″

    •Feed Speed

    Minimum: 26 ft/min (8 m/min)

    Maximum: 180 ft/min (55 m/min)

    •Electric Motors:

    Arbor Motor: 60 Hp

    Feed Motor: 5 Hp

    •Three (3) sets of anti-kickback fingers

    •(4) individual Pneumatic pressure rolls

    •Steel Double V dip chain construction with urethane inserts

    •Powered out-feed roller

    •Automatic lubricator for feed chain.

    •Amp meter for monitoring arbor motor running amperage

    •Easily accessed v-belt driving saw arbor for reduced vibration and higher tolerances

    •Easy access to spindle and blades for maintenance and tooling changes
  • Download

Videos of Quick Rip System

Quick Rip 2019 4:12:19

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