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CSI 1.5D | Castle | Pocket Hole Machines

  • Power:
    230/460V 3PH 3HP 9.6/4.8AMPS
  • Description

    With the patented Screw-In-Pocket (SIP) technology, CSI-1.5D cuts Castle’s distinctive, 6 degree low-angle screw pocket, drills a low-angle pilot hole and inserts a flush screw – all in 1.5 seconds. Castle’s CSI-1.5D Pocket Cutter/Screw Inserter Machine cuts pockets and inserts screws in one step: pockets with screws, delivered! In customer time tests, CSI’s patented technology reduces assembly time by up to 40%. The CSI-1.5D produces stackable parts in faster production times, reduces waste, and eliminates non-value-added labor in high-capacity production joinery.

    Use the CSI-1.5D with composites, panel and hard or soft wood.

    For best results with the CSI, modified pan head screws are recommended.

    Features and Benefits include: 

    • Pocket cutter and screw inserter in one step – patented technology reduces assembly time by 40%

    • Cuts the 6 degree, Castle low-angle pocket, for strong, stable, tight, and superior joints

    • Cuts pockets and inserts screws in 1.5 seconds, eliminating non-value-adding labor

    • Designed for high-capacity, continuous production joinery for maximum throughput of stackable parts

    • Low-angle pockets minimize the need for clamping during assembly

    • Footswitch with automated operation is simple and easy to use

    • CSI-1.5D comes ready to work for fast integration

    • Customizable work decks and flip stops for efficient and accurate material alignment   

    • Air table option – perfect for panel and large part production

    • Hi-Lo Plate option – for easily handling dado material

    • Manufactured in the USA

  • Specs

    Electrical: 230V or 460V

    Air: 85 psi with minimum 3/8” ID supply line

    Dust collection: 4” duct port

    REQ CFM: 350 CFM with 4” dust collection

    Footprint: 35” x 33” (35” x 63” including Screw Feeder)

    Working Height: 36”

    Machine Height: 72”

    Worktop Area: 33” x 35”

    Shipping Weight: 1085 LBS.

    Manufactured in the USA
  • Download

Videos of Pocket Cutter/Screw Inserter Machine

CSI 1.5D Screw Delivery System (SDS)

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