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CS24P | CSI | Cutoff Saws

  • Power:
    230/460V 3PH 10HP
  • Description

    Crosscut Solutions Cut-off Saw Model CS24P cut-off saw adjustable cutting capacity of 2” X 16” to 6” X 12”, guarding around the cutting envelop for either manually or automatic feeding of the saw, pneumatic vertical clamping, pneumatic actuation of the sawing process, PLC to control the horizontal clamping of the wood and pneumatic actuation of the sawing while being monitored by a pneumatic pressure switch, adjustable cutting speed up to 30 cycles per minute, double palm anti-tie down switch for activation of the saw, 110 volt control voltage.

  • Specs

    Cutting capcity= 2″x16″ to 6″x12″ Saw Blade= 24″ w/1″bore Saw blade is not included Motor= 10HP 230/460V 3PH

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