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SR5 | Safety Speed | Routers

  • Description

    Cutting and routing full sized panels is often a job that’s dreaded in the shop due to effort required or fear of getting too close to exposed tooling. The SR5 Saw & Router combination machine features a heavily guarded blade and can be changed from a saw to a router in under a minute, all while delivering an accuracy of 1/64” straight and square. The SR5 & is ideal for shops doing extensive cutting, and dado or rabbet routing. The interchangeable motor carriage features a rotating saw and router for sizing panels by pushing the panel through and making a ripcut, or by letting gravity take control and pushing the saw or router down for making a vertical crosscut. The patented self-adjusting, floating router carriage provides a consistent depth of cut. Our MID-WAY Fence® allows for processing smaller panels at waist level. If both panel cutting and routing are part of your operation, why not consider one machine that will do both?

  • Specs

    Weight|538 lbs

    Dimensions|120 × 11 × 83 in

    Maximum cutting height|62″/1575mm

    Max. Rip Cut|Unlimited

    Max. Cut Thickness|1 3/4″/45mm

    Cut Accuracy, Straight and Square|1/64″/.4mm

    Saw Blade Diameter|8″/210mm

    Circular Saw Motor amperage|15 amps

    Circular Saw Motor Manufacturer|Milwaukee Tool

    Router Motor Amperage|11 amps

    Router Motor Manufacturer|Milwaukee Tool

    Frame Length|120″/3050mm

    Router Bit Collet|1/4″ or 1/2″ collet router bits.
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