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  • Description

    Up to four independent workstations in one machine provide 4x the student access of a traditional machine, with all of the same functionality and experience of industry-standard equipment.  Enhanced mechanical and electrical safety features protect the student and equipment in learning environments. Optional progressive functionality allows instructors to unlock operational features for proficient or advanced students. The HARP-EDU safely grows with students’ skills.

  • Specs

    One machine base with (up to 4) four integrated Workstations including:

    •Matrix Table (Vacuum Optional)


    •14″ Z-Axis Clearance

    •ER Collet Spindle​

    •3 HP

    Each Workstation will operate as an independent CNC machine, running a fully independent industrial CNC Control system with the following features:​

    •Technical issues of one workstation do not affect the other workstations

    •Independent Power systems

    •Independent Safety systems, enhanced for novice users

    •Independent control

    •progressive program operation that unlocks •features for proficient users

    •work coordinates

    •tool-length offsets


    •Industry-standard “G&M” code programming language

    •Industry Standard as set forth by ISO and other international standards including the •National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)

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