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SMART SET 100 | Leadermac | Moulders

  • Description

    • Setworks Included for Radial Quick Set of the Near Side Head & Top Heads which set together

    • 7” HD PLC Touch Screen mounted on the main control panel

    • 250 different Profile Set Memory (History) File

    • Head Setting is done by NC Control Set utilizing Ball Screws and Rotary Encoder Feedbacks for the best of accuracy

    • Each Axis with Setworks includes Rotary Encoder feed back to Electronic Digital Readouts Feedback for best accuracy

    • Each Electronic Digital Readout – to .001” or .01mm (in. or mm as desired)

    • Quick Open-Reset Feature to Near Side Head & Top Head(s) and Top Feed Beam(eg. if there is a material breakup in the machine then operator hits the open button and the machine auto opens – he clears the breakup and hits the rest button and then is able to run immediately.

    • The Setup Person can load the information (inch or mm) into the Touch Screen control prior to machine setup normally during the running of the previous pattern or during a break in order to minimize downtime & maximize changeover efficiency. To make a Pattern Change -The setup person pulls up the new Profile set information on the touch screen and loads any additional cutterhead info & then when ready to make the pattern change they push the position set button and all heads with setworks set

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