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PROSET | Leadermac | Moulders

  • Description

    The PROSET system was designed using the input of the world wide dealer and service network of Leadermac and its valued customer base.  It has been designed to allow the customers to maintain accurate measurements of tools, with tool libraries storying all your cutterhead information, and profile library for storing a list of all cutterheads required and pertinent information on each and every profile you run.  This organization assists us to realize extremely quick and accurate changeovers.

  • Specs

    •Includes PLC w/ 19” Touch Screen on Roller equipped Control Stand

    •1,000 Profile Input & Memory (History)- See Touch Screen history below

    •10,000 Tool Memory

    •Auto Setworks with AC Servo-motor-gear box coupled to position on to

    •Radial Axis on near Side Head(s) & Top Head(s) – when new pattern is introduced

    •Motorized Setworks optional extra on all other Axis – Radial & Axial

    •Each Axis is equipped with Ball Screws for positioning and Rotary Encoders for actual position control and true digital position readout

    •6 Dual Axis Electronic Digital Readouts for each Spindle with Dual Column Readouts (1 for each axis) along the front of the machine.

    •Axial readouts includes PV (Present Value-Desired Head Set Position);

    •SV (Actual Set Value) & Head Number

    •Radial readouts includes PV (Present Value-Desired Head Set Position);

    •SV (Actual Set Value) & Actual Head Radius

    •Each Digital Readout – to .001” or .01mm (is Inch or metric – on demand)

    •Quick Open-Reset Feature to Near Side Head(s) & Top Head(s) and Top Feed Beam(eg. if there is a material breakup in the machine then operator hits the open button and the machine auto opens – they clear the breakup and hits the reset button and then is able to run immediately

    •The Touch Screen has a wealth of history information, operating elements, parts lists in order to assist the operator, including: Pattern Information, – Cutterhead Knife details – up to 10,000 patterns, Moulder Setup Details, Moulder Information, History File, Production Schedule, Essential Spares Lists, Motor HP’s; Belt info; Gearbox info & Parts info pages.

    •Alarm System which monitors – motors, limit switches & head position locking

    •The person responsible for moulder setup can preload the information(inch or mm) into the touch screen control re upcoming mouldings to be run prior to machine setup normally during the running of other patterns in order to minimize downtime & maximize changeover

    •The Setup person when ready to change patterns pulls up the new pattern and the heads with Setworks set and the axis without Setworks has all the set size info downloaded to the Digital Readouts along the front of the machine. The axis that need to be reset will flash with the desired position until that position is set to. This all contributes to super fast head changing efficiency

    •Also Includes Auto Cooling System/Heat Exchanger in the electrical panel to dissipate any heat buildup in the main panel & Setworks drives

    •PLC Ethernet Hub, hookup to LMC-USA &/or LMC factory if required as well as Software for Remote Troubleshooting for SmartSet Control PLC & System


    •Complete Industrial PC-Computer with complete software to talk to the Grinding room LMC M307 Measuring stand (offered below) all info from measuring the moulder heads will be downloaded to the PC and uploaded/preloaded to the PROSET Control System

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