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HYPERMAC SERIES | Leadermac | Moulders

  • Description

    Heavy-duty non jointed moulder, for the most complex mouldings, or most difficult material types, wet or dry. The Leadermac Hypermac Moulder Series has been designed to ensure a high-quality finish, with a range of options to meet your particular needs. The Hypermac moulder is commonly brought in with 8000 rpm spindles, allowing you to run 33% faster than a 6000 rpm machine, producing an excellent quality finish. Its larger cutterhead swing allows for heavier and deeper cuts for the most complex of mouldings. It is a tight coupled machine to ensure total control and smooth feeding of the workpiece as it passes thru. Many powerful features come standard with the Hypermac ensuring fast and repeatable setups with reduced changeover time, allowing you to meet your production requirements day in and day out.

    Why Leadermac Hypermac Moulder Series?

    • Industrial moulder design with a solid cast iron frame produces unparalleled finished part quality in its class.

    • The Hypermac moulder comes with high-quality components, ensuring the best finish possible.

      4 pieces of Abec 7 Precision Bearings per spindle – ensuring an excellent finish on your products.

    • 8000 RPM spindles allow faster production to meet your needs.

    • The Hypermac moulder comes standard with Setworks, with a range of series of automation available for easy and consistent set up by your operator, ensuring quick changeovers.

    • Turnkey solutions include on-site operator and maintenance training.


  • Specs

    Working widths|0.6″ to 9″, 12″, 13″, and 15.75″ optional

    Working thickness|0.25″ to 6″, 8” or 12” optional

    Number of spindles|1 to 11

    Spindle RPM|6000, 7200 or 8000 RPM

    Standard feed speed|20 to 130 FPM (Faster opt)

    Minimum part length|8″ (butt to butt)

    Axial adjustment of vertical spindles|3.2″ (standard)

    Axial adjustment of horizontal spindles|1.6″ (standard)

    Infeed bed length|78″ (2m) – standard. 98″ (2m), 120″ (2.5m), or 158″ (4m)
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