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M15 | Voorwood | Mortisers & Tenoners

  • Description

    The M15 Miter Machine is designed to rapidly make mortise and tenon cuts at 0°, 45°, and 90° degrees. Parts can be up to 1.5” thick and up to 4” wide, and of ANY length. A primary application for this machine is for miter cabinet door frames. Parts can be quickly transferred from left to right. They are mortised on the left side of the machine and tenoned on the right. The machine can also mill the slots. The mortise station has (3) servo-controlled axes (X, Y, and Z) that are coordinated by the machine controller to achieve complex CNC motion. It is equipped with a collet style router spindle for cutting. The tenon station uses the same X and Y servo-controlled axes as the mortise station and is configured for pneumatically actuated in and out movement along the Z-axis. The tenon station is equipped with a direct drive shaper spindle for cutting.

    Pneumatic clamping assemblies with non-marring urethane pads are mounted to the hold-down assembly to secure the parts during cutting and these can be adjusted to various locations over the cutting surface.

    M15 Miter Machine operator interface consists of a colored touch screen. For simplicity, the entire calibration, setup, and monitoring of the machine are accomplished using only four touchscreen displays. The program designs the depth and location of both the mortise and the tenon. When the design is complete, it is saved in a recipe format. Once this recipe is opened, the operation is as simple and boils down to feeding the substrate into the machine.

    The full-color touch screen panel is located on the front of the machine to provide easy access for setting up or operating the machine. Clamping and shaping operations are controlled by operating lighted pushbutton switches.

    Accommodates a maximum part size of any length x 5″ width x 1.50″ thickness

    Mortise and tenon cuts at 0°, 45° and 90° for face frames and standard miter doors

    This miter machine is the only one that collects the dust formed during its operation

    Locates the inside or outside edges in relation with the variance in part width

    Locates parts face down, considering the variance in material thickness

    Capable of producing mortise and tenon face frames

    Up to 420 complete frames per shift

    Manual sizing feature (option)

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