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#78H | JLT | Clamp Carriers

  • Power:
  • Description

    The Mini Pod Press is a low cost high pressure cold press laminating machine. It features individually controlled top platens and a bottom platen adjustable at 1 1/2″ increments to a maximum opening of 40″. The work area is 12″ wide and machines are currently offered in lengths of 3-1/2′, 7′ or 10-1/2′. Air pressure and alignment are carefully controlled via dial regulators on each individual platen and air can be locked in for any length of time through the use of a hand operated level valve. Machine Footprint (10′ Long Model): 128”L x 36”W x 76”H

  • Specs

    Material Capacities:

    •12″ Wide x 42″ Long

    •12″ Wide x 84″ Long

    •12″ Wide x 126″ Long

    •Adjustable Opening: 0″ – 40″ of Stackable Depth

    •Pod Press is powered by a total of (18) 30 •Square Inch Diaphragm Cylinders

    •Maximum Pressure: 10 Tons Per 3-1/2′ Section @ 110 psi

    •Versatile Easy to use Operation for a Variety of Material Sizes

    •Face Glue Short 40” Block or Press Long Entry Door Stiles up to 10’

    •Dial Regulators for Fine and Consistent Control of Clamping Pressure

    •Longer Machines have Multiple Dials for even more Control

    •Pyramid Different Size Glue Ups

    •Modular Design
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