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WLK J | Weima | Shredders

  • Description

    The WEIMA WLK J shredders are for the most extreme of applications. This machine line boasts stability, functionality, consistent throughput, and availability. A variety of sizes and options guarantees customer-specific solutions for almost all applications. This line of machines boasts extremely robust construction and almost endless capabilities for the shredding of scrap. There are over 80 optional features, making this a customizable shredding solution for almost any application.

  • Specs

    WLK 15 J|WLK 18 J|WLK 20 J|WLK 25 J Rotor Diameter (mm) 500|500|500|500

    Rotor length (mm)1550|1800|2000|2500

    Rotor Speed (rpm)65-85|65-85|65-85|65-85

    Power (hp)120/150/180|120/150/180|150/180/HYD|180/HYD

    Rotor Knives 123/44/30|147/52/36|165/58/42|207/74/52

    Available knife sizes (mm)40/60/80|40/60/80|40/60/80|40/60/80

    Fraction size (mm)15-100|15-100|15-100|15-100

    Infeed (mm)1550×1880|1800×1880|2000×1880|2500×1880

    Length (mm)3560|3560|3560|3560

    Width (mm)2775|3075|3275|3775

    Height (mm)2700|2700|2700|2700

    Weight (approx. kg)12500|15000|18500|24500

    Wall thickness (mm)40|40|40|40
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