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WALL MIST | Air & Water Systems | Humidity Control

  • Power:
  • Description

    Wall Mist Controls Humidity for Low Ceilings Heights For Quality Product Control & Efficient Production Benefits Of Correct Humidity Level:

    •Dust Suppression

    •Improved Product Quality; less Waste

    •Elimination of Static electricity

    •Efficient Working Environment; reduced Down Time

    •Consistent, Stable Manufacturing Conditions

    •Faster Production Speeds

    •Stable Raw Material

  • Specs

    Industry Applications:

    Concrete 90-95% rH

    Print 50-60% rH depending on process

    Textiles 50-75% rH depending on process

    Furniture 50-55% rH

    Cold Storage 70-85% rH depending on food type

    Tobacco 55-80% rH depending on process

    Livestock 65-75% rH

    Wine Cellars 50-66% rH

    Greenhouse 80-95% rH

    General Manufacturing 55-60% rH
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