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HPJ-L | Pillar | Boring Machines

  • Description

    The HPJ-L is a horizontal CNC machining center that drills the pocket for Lamello’s P-System. This is used for glueless and clampless case construction in cabinet and/or furniture manufacturing. Advantages of The HPJ-L:

    •Elimination of complicated machine setup

    •Quick, accurate assembly

    •Glue, Water and Clamp free assembly

    •Gain production times on CNC routers and Point to Points by shifting case fastening to the HPJ-L.

  • Specs

    •X Axis CNC control for positioning

    •15″ industrial color touchscreen for creating and selecting programs

    •2 zones

    •4 clamp units

    •3 HP high frequency 18,000 RPM direct drive routing spindle

    •Digital mechanical readouts for height and depth

    •49″ work zone

    •Heavy duty 2200 lb. frame

    •1″ thick machined aluminum work surface covered with a 3M maintenance free non-slip surface

    •Small footprint to conserve floor space

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