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PROPANEL | Accurate Technology | Digital Measuring & Control

  • Description

    ProPanel-HD is a giant precision hand-held measuring tool that is built and used like a caliper to make inside, outside, diagonal, hole-edge, and hole-hole dimensional measurements. It can also be used to compare diagonal measurements for squareness testing of parts. This is a rugged linear measuring tool and is designed to make “on the manufacturing floor” measurements by one or two operators.

    It is based on the ProScale Model 590, and is robust enough to span up to 120 inches of measuring range (longer if beam is supported). It has a sliding carriage/jaw assembly that rides on 4 iGlide™ friction bearings to minimize encoder pitch and yaw. Four removable alignment cylinders are included with the system for easy diagonal measurements. The optional Hole Measuring Kit (contains 2 full steel cones and 1 half cylinder) is available for edge-to-hole and hole-to-hole measurements.

  • Specs

    Accuracy|± .005in (.13mm) maximum error over measuring range-all models
    Resolution|.001in or .01mm or .001cm or 1/64 in
    Repeatability|.001in or .01mm or .001cm or 1/64 in
    Operating Power|1 CR123 Lithium Battery or equivalent
    Output|SPC (Digimatic®)
    Weight|(without packaging)
    •0-40″ system is 5.75 pounds
    •0-60″ system is 7.40 pounds
    •0-80″ system is 9.10 pounds
    •0-100″ system is 10.60 pounds
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