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GT-HD | Cantek | Planers

  • Power:
    460V 3PH
  • Description

    High speed production double surface planer for the most demanding planning applications. The Cantek GT-HD Series Extra Heavy Duty Double Surface Planers are suitable for the most demanding planing applications. The HD series are capable of high feed speeds with maximum stock removal capabilities. They feature a robust cast-iron body & industrial cardan drive system ensure high production planing day in and day out. The large diameter cutterheads are spiral type with two-sided solid carbide inserts which produce a clean finish with superior stock removal capacity. The spring loaded feed system passes the material over the bottom head allowing it to act like a jointer to flatten the board prior and then a sectional infeed roller feeds the material through the top head for accurate dimensioning.

  • Specs


    Maximum working width


    Maximum working thickness (standard)


    Minimum working thickness

    0.47″ all Models

    Feed speed (variable)

    32 ~ 130 FPM|32 ~ 82 FPM|32 ~ 82 FPM|32 ~ 82 FPM

    Cutterhead diameter


    Cutterhead speed

    4200 RPM all Models

    Bottom cutterhead motor

    30HP (40 opt.)|40HP (50 opt.)|40HP (50/60 opt.)|50HP (60 opt.)

    Top cutterhead motor

    40HP (50 opt.)|50HP (60 opt.)|50HP (60/75 opt.)|60HP (75 opt.)

    Feed drive motor

    7.5 HP|10 HP|15 HP|15 HP

    Elevation motor

    2 HP all Models

    Machine dimensions (LxWxH)

    118″ x 67″ x 67″|120″ x 77″ x 69″|

    120″ x 85″ x 67″|120″ x 97.2″ x 67″

    Shipping dimensions (LxWxH)

    122″ x 73″ x 72″|124″ x 81″ x 77″|

    124″ x 91″ x 72″|124″ x 106″ x 72″

    Machine weight

    13640 Lbs.|18700 Lbs.|20900 Lbs.|23100 Lbs

    Shipping weight

    14080 Lbs.|19140 Lbs.|

    21340 Lbs.|23980 Lbs.

    CFM dust requirement

    4200 CFM|4750 CFM|

    5200 CFM|5800 CFM
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