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  • Description

    The CW 772P is designed from the ground up, for processing lineal extruded aluminum. With automatic stock feeding, routing, drilling and sawing, this machine can be custom configured to meet your precise requirements and budget.  Capable of machining up to 4 features simultaneously, the CW machines are ready to deliver efficient and flexible production today.

  • Specs

    •Full CNC Control capable of running up to 4 cutting heads simultaneously

    Cutting Heads on top, bottom, front and back of part running simultaneously

    Automated Indexing Feeder to accommodate parts up to 26’ long

    Automated clamping system with non-marking clamp surfaces

    Processing abilities




    Home Free (no homing required)

    Absolute Encoders on all servo motors

    Battery-Less Technology

    Remote diagnostics and assistance

    Parametric Macro Programming

    Interface with typical 3rd party CAD/CAM software

    Interface with industry leading extrusion manufacturer profiles
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