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A16 | Voorwood | Coping Machines

  • Description

    The A16 Cope Shaper with single side dual spindle is designed to shape single or multiple parts in one pass. The cope shaper has an average cycle time of 4 seconds making it a highly productive machine. Designed to run either S4S or profiled parts without the need for a backer block for eliminating tear-out. The pneumatic hold-down clamp with a non-marring urethane pad secures the workpiece as close to the cutting head as possible. Directional clamping ensures consistently square cuts. The A16 Cope Shaper allows for processing parts of random length at one time and is not limited by the length of the part.

    Each shaping station on the A16 Cope Shaper is equipped with a precision-balanced drive motor and spindle or a variable-speed spindle that is fan-cooled and accepts HSK-63F tool holders. The counter-rotating spindles eliminate tear-out on two parts at a time. The shaper assembly traverses back and forth while the substrate is clamped and stationary.

    A gear motor with rack and pinion transports the shaper through its cycle, driving the shaper linearly in two directions to make a successful cope cut. The travel of the shapers is constant regardless of whether one or two parts are being machined at once.

    The A16 Cope Shaper has a precision flat surface plate that is provided for the substrate to rest upon. Pneumatic top clamps secure the parts to the surface plate and a side clamp secures the parts laterally to an edge stop. A factory set depth stop will limit how far the substrate can be pushed into the machine to control how much of the length is removed from the substrate during the cycle.

    Stationary infeed table

    Dual counter-rotating shapers

    Precision rack and pinion servo-driven assembly w/profiled linear bearings

    S4S or profiled parts without a backer block to eliminate tear-out

    Pneumatic hold-down assembly w/side clamp

    Spindles can be configured with quick-change or HSK tooling

    Shape single or multiple parts in one pass

    Average cycle time of 4 seconds

    Capable of processing parts of any length

    Minimum length of part: 3”

    Maximum width of part: 10”

    Part thickness:.5”–1.375”

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