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GS SERIES | Stonewood Industrial Machinery | Moulders

  • Description

    The Economical Choice for Dependable Moulding Performance!  Many millwork owners and operators have searched for a 4-sided moulder that is economically priced without sacrificing machining efficiency and quality. Stonewood Industrial Machinery’s new GS series 4 side moulder is the machine that meets these objectives. The massive machine frame is manufactured from cast iron, scientifically rib reinforced to provide maximum rigidity and stability. All control levers for the spindle are located on the front of the machine for convenient adjustment. Variable feed speed makes this machine ideal for cutting all types of wood material. A side front pressure plate on the left vertical spindle assures smooth feeding for short or narrow workpieces. The entire machine is designed to integrate many features normally expected only from bigger machines. The Stonewood GS series is available in 5 and 6 head configurations.

  • Specs

    GS-523/GS-623 CAPACITY         

    Planing width|10-230MM/10-230MM

    Planing thickness|7-125MM/7-125MM

    Min. working length|230MM/230MM

    Feed speed|6-25M/MIN/6-25M/MIN


    Spindle speed|6000RPM/6000RPM

    Spindle diameter|Φ40MM/Φ40MM

    Vertical spindle adjustment (axial)|30MM/30MM

    Horizontal spindle adjustment (axial)|20MM/20MM

    CUTTER DIAMETER     1st bottom spindle|Φ100-150MM/Φ100-150MM

    Vertical spindle|Φ100-180MM/Φ100-180MM Topspindle|Φ100-180MM/Φ100-180MM

    Last bottom spindle|Φ100-205MM/Φ100-205MM    


    1st bottom spindle|7.5HP/7.5HP

    Vertical spindle (1 motor)|10HP/15HP

    Top spindle|7.5HP/7.5HP

    Last bottom spindle|7.5HP/7.5HP    

    Feeding motor|3HP/5HP

    Elevation motor|1/3HP/1/3HP


    Table adjustment|12MM/12MM

    Infeed table length|2000MM/2000MM

    Machine dimensions(LxWxH)|3345x1300x1710MM/3895x1300x1710MM

    Packing dimensions (LxWxH)|2320x1450x1960MM/3030x1450x1960MM

    Net weight|2800KGS/3000KGS
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