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TPS-SH | Cantek | Panel Saws

  • Description

    The Cantek TPS-SH Series Beam Panel Saws are a production panel sizing solution for the small to mid-sized manufacturer.  The industrial machine design combined with user friendly PC control interface ensure accurately dimensions sheet components with a chip free finish.  Available in 8’, 10’, 12’ with front loading.  The powerful 18HP saw motor and carriage runs on two round hardened guide rails on (8) copper wheels. The saw carriage cutting speed is variably adjusted according to your cutting height requirement.  A double side aligner ensures panels are squarely cut during crosscutting operations.  The onboard PC control allows the operator to program right at the machine or import a cutting list which can be run though the standard optimization software.

  • Specs



    Max. cutting length|2600|3200 mm|3800mm

    Max. cutting width (depth)|2600mm / 3200 mm / 3800mm

    Max. cutting height|100 mm

    Max. gripper opening|110 mm

    Max. saw blade projection|105 mm


    Main sawblade motor|18HP (11.2KW)

    Main sawblade diameter|Ø405 mm

    Spindle diameter|Ø1” (25.4mm)

    Main sawblade speed|4,400 R.P.M.


    Scoring sawblade diameter|Ø180 mm

    Spindle diameter|Ø1” (25.4mm)

    Scoring sawblade speed|7,000 R.P.M.


    Saw carriage drive motor|2HP with inverter (1.5KW)

    Forward Speed (adjustable)|1~45 M/min

    Return Speed|70 M/min


    Pusher system drive motor|1KW

    Pusher system pull speed|1~70 M/min

    Pusher system push speed|1~60 M/min


    High pressure blower motor|3HP (2.2KW)

    Side aligner motor|90W

    Working air pressure|5~6 kg/cm2

    Table height from floor|850 mm

    Grippers:|7 units|8 units|9 units

    Floating table 1520mm x 500mm|3 units|3 units|4 units

    Voltage|220V / 440V / 575V

    Net weight|4200Kg/4500kg/4700kg

    Gross weight|4700Kg/5100kg/5300kg

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