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F13 | Omec | Dovetailers

  • Power:
    4.55 HP
  • Description

    The OMEC F13 automatic dado or rabbet milling machine has been designed to produce bottom grooves for box covers or inset slots for bottle racks. The F13 model has two blades for cutting slots in various dimensions and positions. The machine cuts single pieces. Items are conveyed from the in-feed hopper magazine to through the milling path, and lifted into out-feed magazine stacker, completely automatically. The machine is controlled by a touchscreen control panel with easy data entry and 40-file stored memory. The F13 model is controlled by a PLC programmed for the maximum flexibility and highest machining speed. The machine is extremely easy and fast to adjust thanks to the adjuster shafts and position indicators.

  • Specs

    Power installed of machine|4.55 HP
    Working pressure|0.7 Mpascal
    Number of blades|2
    Blade revolutions|5,600 RPM
    Position of grooves|Variable
    Piece production|1200 n/h
    Machine weight|1,210 lbs/550 kg
    Packed machine weight|1,430 lbs/650 kg DIMENSIONAL LIMITS OF WORKPIECES
    Distance from edge|0.04”(1mm)|5.9”(150mm)
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