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F12 | Omec | Dovetailers

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    The OMEC F12 5-axes automatic milling machine with numeric control has been designed to create different type of machining for the wooden light packaging industry. The F12 model is equipped with an electrical- spindle complete with cutter to cut bottle racks, holes, slots, internal partitions , barrels ‘supports and chopping boards . The machine works pieces in packs. The pieces are fed out of the in feed magazine to the blocking zone, then to the milling cycle, unblocked, then fed to out feed magazine hopper, completely automatically.

    The machine is controlled with a push button panel and a touch screen control panel.

    The F12 is controlled by numeric control programmed for the greatest working flexibility, letting you modify the following variables within the operating limits:

    – the position, number and dimensions of: racks, holes , slots, inner partitions

    The chopping boards’ size

    The barrels ‘supports size

    The cutting speed and tool feed speed

    The compensation of the tool diameter variation

    All the adjustments can be easily performed by following the instructions provided directly by the software on the monitor of the machine.

    Furthermore the Machine is equipped with an open program where you can directly enter a CAD drawing to achieve the desired processing within the mechanical dimensional limits of the machine.

  • Specs

    Power installed of machine|3.33 HP
    Working pressure|0.7 Mpascal
    Number of spindles|1
    Spindle revolutions|21,000
    Distance between bottle holders|Variable
    Piece production|1000/h
    Machine weight|1,254 lbs/570 kg
    Packed machine weight|1,474 lbs/670 kg
    Overall dimensions|63″ x 42.52″ x 57.87″ (160cm x 108cm x 147cm)
    Packing dimensions|66.14″ x 45.69”” x 67″ (168cm x 116cm x 170cm)
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