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R16 | Cantek | Ripsaws

  • Power:
    230/460V 3PH 16.5HP 48/24AMPS
  • Description

    The Cantek R16 bottom cutting straight line ripsaw is designed with performance and added safety in mind.  Cutting from below forces the workpiece down on to the feed chain for superior hold down.  In addition, the blade can project up above the workpiece to allow the gullet to clear the chips which leads to less heat buildup resulting in longer blade life and improved cut quality.  The R16 is capable of producing a glue joint cut up to 8 feet.     The powerful 15HP direct drive ensures optimum feed rates no matter what material or thickness you are cutting.

    Why Cantek R16 Bottom Cutting Straight Line Ripsaw?

    • Cutting from below has a distinct advantage in that the gullet of the sawblade projects above the stock to clear the shavings halfway through the cut providing for superior finish results and extended blade life

    • Bottom cutting also forces the material down on to the chain surface providing for safer operation

    • Powerful 15HP motor allows for optimum feed speeds no matter what the material or thickness

    • Extended hold down assembly with guaranteed glue joint ripping from 1’ to 8’

    • Precision cast-iron split feed chain with automatic lubrication for maximum wear protection

    • Auto-lowering bottom anti-kickback finders to facilitate with lining up the workpiece on the table

  • Specs

    Glue joint cut length|8” to 96”

    Maximum sawblade diameter|14”

    Maximum cutting thickness|3”

    Sawblade bore|2”

    Main saw motor|15 HP

    Feed motor|1.5 HP

    Feed speed (variable)|36~105 FPM

    Saw arbor brake system|Standard

    Number of pressure rolls|8 rolls

    Distance from saw blade to column|18.1”

    Table dimensions|69” x 35.4”

    Table height from floor|33.46”

    Table width to left of blade|17.9”

    Table width to right of blade|17.5″

    Dust ports|Top: 4”; Bottom: 6”

    CFM Required|1400 CFM

    Machine dimensions (LxWxH)|75”x55”x51”

    Machine weight|2200 lbs

    Shipping dimensions (LxWxH)|81”x65”x63”

    Shipping weight|2425 lbs

    Electrics|460/3/60 @ 24 Amps|230V @48 Amps

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