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ROBA Belt | MB | Sanders

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    The ROBA Belt machine is built to sand moldings found in furniture, window and joinery companies. Solid, MDF, veneered or lacquered. The main idea of the ROBA Belt principle is to avoid the main disadvantage of all today known drum-based brush sanding machines: Those who work with sanding drums touch the workpiece only in a very small area. Only in the vertex of the tool a sanding process is possible what results in poor sanding quality.

    The innovative ROBA Belt is equipped with a new developed sanding belt containing 122 brush sanding strips providing a sanding area of approx. 750 x 300 mm in touch with the work piece. This is unique in the market of brush sanding machines for moldings and combines the effectiveness of an endless sanding belt with the easy setting of a brush. Programmable and motorized aggregate positioning, spring loaded top pressure roller system and centralized side stop set-up result in fast and easy profile changes.

    The standard configuration of the ROBA Belt machine line is right-top, but the modular construction allows to customize it exactly to customer needs. This type of machine is very often used for base coat sanding. For this purpose, many customers place it in painting lines, which often require feed speeds of up to 150 m/min. Fine tuning of the sanding result will be done with the help of the MB Flex brush system that is produced at MB exactly to customer needs.

    All ROBA Belt users can rely on the easy set-up of a brush sander, without the need to take any quality disadvantages into account.

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Sculptform high speed molding sanding line

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