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Standard | Standard Vertical Saw

It’s all in the name: STANDARD – the universal class for vertical panel saws. Universal in its suitability for a wide variety of panel materials. Chipboard, perspex, composite, plastic, OSB or MDF panels can
all be cut with precision using the STANDARD.

A STANDARD just keeps on sawing and sawing and sawing - in countless companies. Day after day. Metre after metre. Always with utmost precision. Accurate cuts with perfect edges every time. Thanks to its flexibility and the universal expansion options it has been setting the standard in the universal class for vertical sawing for many years.

Universal in its standard equipment.
The built-in strip cutting gauge makes repeat cuts easier while the fixed dimen- sion setting ensures reliable operation for recurring dimensions.

Universal in its design. We supply the STANDARD in two different versions: the TRK1 with a laminar support wall made of birch plywood and the TRK2 with automatically yielding aluminium support frame with plastic supports.

Standard TRK1 with optional features shown.

  • Comes standard with 3 brake pedals for the roller support
  • Comfort version has pneumatic clamping motor carriage, pneumatic braked support rollers and laser-supported horizontal cut indicator
  • Weight of the saw approx. 9.10 kg or approx. 9.90 kg
  • Cutting depth, 60 mm
  • Saw motor rating, 3.9 kW
  • Saw blade diameter, 250 mm
  • Saw blade bore, 30 mm
  • Saw blade speed, 5,250 rpm
  • Emission sound pressure level  at the workplace LpA, 82 dB*3Special voltages and frequencies on request.

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