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a2515 2 station



Mortisers & Tenoners | Double-End Tenoner

A2515 | Double-End Tenoner

The A2515 Double-End Tenoner automatically makes all necessary adjustments for each profile setup. All spindles are set up to rotate with or against the direction of feed with a jump feature on the first station. The sanding stations have reversing spindles on either side. The stations can be horizontally locked for straight shape/sand or CNC controlled to shape/sand pre-programmed contours (arches).

  • Accommodates up to 4 shaping and sanding stations
  • Configured with automatic pop-up dogs that pull parts into the machine, sizing and squaring parts of any length
  • Automatic feeder (option)

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a2515 2 stationa2515 4 stationa2515 2 station hold downa2515 2 station sander shaper moveablea2515 4 station pop up dogsa2515 4 station back open stationary