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a1517 single-end tenoner



Mortisers & Tenoners | Single-End Tenoner

A1517 | Single-End Tenoner

The A1517 Single-End Tenoner can accommodate five or more stations with identical HSK-63F spindle motors, to be used in any configuration of shaping and sanding. All spindles are reversing and set up to rotate with or against the direction of feed with a jump feature on the first station.

  • Accommodates five or more shaping and sanding stations
  • Spindles can be configured with Quick Change, HSK, or stacked tooling
  • Fully automatic tool changers, each tool changer accepts 5 or 7 tool holders with 15 to 21 individual tools (option)
  • Automatically scales contours
  • Double V track (holds tolerances over time)
  • Capable of processing all components of a five piece cabinet door

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a1517 single-end tenonera1517 back with blacka1517 shaper spindle cropa1517 tool changer shaper