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a517 single-end tenoner



Mortisers & Tenoners | Single-End Tenoner

A517 | Single-End Tenoner

The A517 Single-End Tenoner can accommodate five or more shaping/sanding stations. Clockwise and counter-clockwise rotations are used on specific shapers to eliminate rejects and produce the highest quality finished part. A PLC controlled servo motor drives the shaper horizontally as a function of the transporter speed to produce a pre-programmed contour.

  • Configured to accommodate five or more shaping and sanding stations
  • Spindles can be configured with Quick Change, HSK, or stacked tooling
  • Can be configured with servo-controlled horizontal axis on all stations, combined with Quick Change spindles requiring no setup time between profiles
  • Model A517ED, equipped with dual feed chain and double hold-down; designed to process entry door components

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