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zeta p2



Jointers | Profile Biscuit Joiner for the P-System

Zeta P2 | Profile Biscuit Joiner for the P-System

  • Ideal for woodshops without investing in expensive capital machinery
  • Fast gluing and clamping aid for a wide range of connections, including miters
  • Minimal setup time for different applications
  • On-site adjustments and assembly
  • 5 different cutting depths for various connecting fittings
  • Also compatible with biscuits and other 4 mm fittings
  • For use with all wood materials and panels, as well as composite materials such as solid surfaces or HPL may be used with the P-System

  • Power, 1050 W
  • Voltage, 110 V
  • Speed, 9,000
  • Cutter, carbide-tipped profile groove cutter / diamond-tipped profile groove cutter Ø 100 x 7 x 22 mm
  • Teeth, 3
  • Max. cutting depth, 20 mm
  • Weight, 8.2 lbs.

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