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900VS/900VSX inverted router by cr onsrud


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900VS/VSX | Inverted Router

The models 900 VS and 900 VSX are Onsrud's finest Inverted Routers™, ruggedly built for continuous production duty under severe conditions for up to three shifts per day. Both are capable of plunge routing and profiling both inside and outside cuts in hardwoods, softwoods, man-made woods, non-ferrous metals, aluminum, and a variety of plastics and composites. Only the very best components are incorporated into these tough, dependable machines, assuring you many years of precision performance.


With the correct tooling and a properly made template these models are capable of cutting up to 1" hardwoods and 2" softwoods in one pass. If desired, the turret style depth stop may be used for cutting material in multiple passes to reduce feeding effort required.

Standard Features

  • Large pulleys for better power transmission
  • Extra heavy-duty cutting spindle, precision-machined from special alloy steel for accuracy, rigidity, and long life
  • Aircraft grade precision spindle bearings
  • A replaceable ¾" chuck assembly
  • Quick-change pulleys (900 VS) or electronic variable-speed drive (900 VSX) for the ultimate in precision and convenience. Machine at exactly the right rpm for any application!
  • IEC style magnetic starter with overload protection
  • A totally enclosed, fan-cooled, three phase heavy-duty 10 horsepower motor
  • Pneumatic spindle plunge of 0-3"
  • Automatic brake
  • A three position depth stop, infinitely adjustable and convenirtly located for quick, easy and accurate setups
  • Instruction manual, template-making video, set-up wrenches, lube gun, and a generous variety of guide pins and collets
  • Toll Free Factory Tech Support
  • CE approved
  • Full one year limited warranty

Standard Options

  • Lower depth stop (standard on VSX)
  • 1-1 ½" overarm riser block (standard on VSX)
  • Infinitely variable speed control (standard on VSX)
  • Vacuum template system (standard on VSX)

  • Throat Depth, 36in (914 mm)
  • Table Size, 47in x 31in (1200 mm x 800 mm)*
  • Maximum Workpiece/Template Height, 4in (100mm)
  • Dust Collection, 4" (100 mm) outlet, 500 CFM (2000 m3/h),
  • Compressed Air, 80 psi (6 bar), 4 CFM (150 liters/minute)
  • Motor, 10 horsepower, 3-phase
  • Spindle Speed, 9,500-20,000 RPM (based on pulley)/1,000-21,000 RPM (Variable Speed Control)
  • Shipping Weight, 2000 lbs (907.2 kg)

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900VS/900VSX inverted router by cr onsrud