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drawer master



Dovetailers | Drawer Assembly Clamp

Drawer Master | Drawer Assembly Clamp

  • Assembles drawers with standard finger type dovetails, sliding type dovetails, bored and doweled drawers and tongue & dado box joints
  • Features an ergonomic workstation suitable for assembly of your boxes directly in the clamp
  • Equipped with double acting air cylinders that can apply compression progressively, allowing for easy fitting of the bottom panel in the lateral grooves
  • Its mobile clamping surface is supported by a large triangular structure that is designed to apply the lateral compression evenly over the full height of your drawer boxes
  • Opening and closing of the clamp for different widths is done by releasing a simple latch
  • Progressive Compression Mode operates as a jog button and offers the operator total control and flexibility in the execution of the assembly process
  • Two-hand control keeps your operator's fingers away from the danger zone during the compression cycle

  • Universal drawer box clamp, fixed left jaw
  • Adjustments, manually adjustable right hand jaw
  • Setup, no tools needed with rapid set jaw opening
  • Drawer types, dovetail or dowel
  • Size, 10"H x 24”W x 36”L capacity
  • Assembly modes, "Quick" or "Progressive Compression"
  • Safety feature, two-hand push-button

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