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Downdraft Tables & Sanding Booths | Cartridge Filtration Downdraft Table

3660B | Cartridge Filtration Downdraft Table

  • Great for medium sized jobs, and can be used for plastics, woods and finishing materials
  • Comes with 80/20 cartridge filters which clean with a 99.95% capture rate at .5 micron
  • Comes standard with rubber coated top, and the Denray "Jet Pulse" push-button cleaning system
  • Options; explosion proof motor (3-phase only), light bar, auto-timer, muffler (reduces sound level 10-12 dbs.), 100% spunbond polyester filters, carbon filter bank (odor only), HEPA filter bank, 3-sided hinged safety shield, magnehelic gauge, HDPE plastic tabletop, hydraulic height adjustment and larger motor/fan upgrade

  • Size, 36" x 60"
  • Height, 36"
  • Moto, 2 HP
  • CFM, 3400
  • Decibels sound level, 77
  • Single-Phase, 115/220 V
  • Three-Phase, 230/460/575 V

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