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c1_02 mortiser



Mortisers & Tenoners | Automatic Twin Table Slot Mortiser

C1-02 | Automatic Twin Table Slot Mortiser

  • Two tables built at both sides of the machine permit two operators working simultaneously
  • Product rate up to approximately 800 mortises per hour
  • Produces horizontal and beveled mortises
  • Air hydraulic combination cylinder assures extremely smooth motion
  • Mortise length and depth are conveniently adjusted
  • Mortise length adjustment mechanism has a mechanical digital readout
  • Mortise slot depth is controlled by a proximity switch, which employs high-quality pneumatic parts for dependable motion control
  • In case of insufficient air pressure, machine will stop for safety protection
  • Cutterhead traverses on precision round bar, assuring maximum wear resistance, long service life, and long-time accuracy
  • Adjustable table height
  • Chisel bit oscillating speed is variable
  • Equipped with safety switch and pressure switch for safety protection

  • Tenon width, max. 4.724"
  • Mortise slot thickness, max. 1.181"
  • Mortise slot depth, max. 3.147"
  • Hourly production, 500~800 slots
  • Table area, 10.827" x 18.976"
  • Table tilt (horizontal), 0?~ -20?
  • Table vertical movement, 0"-3.937"
  • Spindle rotation, 9,000 rpm
  • Oscillations per minute, 67~400 strokes
  • Spindle motor, 3 hp (2.2 kw)
  • Oscillation motor, 0.5 hp (0.37 kw)
  • Machine dimensions in ft., 2.789'l x 4.265'w x 4.167'h
  • Net weight, 992.08 lbs.

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c1_02 mortiser